Faithfully Fit ~ Understanding Macros



In this Class, Travis discusses the importance of understanding macros in achieving a healthy and balanced diet.

They emphasize the need for a routine and the launch of the Faithfully Fit program on November 1st. He also expresses their excitement about teaching nutrition, particularly about sourdough bread and full-fat cheese.

They highlight the significance of protein as the building block of life and the importance of consuming essential amino acids. Travis also discusses the role of carbohydrates and fats in weight loss and muscle gain. They caution against eliminating carbohydrates from the diet and emphasize the importance of balance and moderation. The video class concludes with a discussion on classifying foods based on their macros and the importance of consuming natural and whole foods.


  • 💪 Protein is the building block of life and essential for preserving muscle mass.
  • 🥖 The speaker is excited to teach about sourdough bread and
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