[Faithfully Fit Club Advanced] Lion and Shark Days


In this video from the "Faithfully Fit Club Advanced" , emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet, neither strictly carnivorous nor exclusively plant-based, and introduces the concepts of 'lion and shark days' for weight management and food elimination. These days are designed for getting back on track after indulgences or for rapid weight loss. He stresses the importance of understanding food reactions, particularly to plant-based foods, and the role of processed plant foods in autoimmune issues.

The video also covers various types of diet days (blessed, grace, feast days) and their purposes, with an emphasis on not necessarily having every day as a clean eating day. Travis also touches on the importance of understanding portion control and the impact of different food types on insulin and fat loss. The session concludes with an interactive segment where members share their experiences and progress, providing a community-driven approach to wellness and weight management.

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