Faithfully Fit ~ Hormone Harmony: Nutrition Solutions Part 4 Repeat


In this final session of the Faithfully Fit: Hormone Harmony Class, Travis discusses the upcoming website launch, which will feature exclusive content for members, emphasizing the program's exclusivity with a cap on membership.

He also highlights the importance of foundational knowledge from previous programs, such as Chaboli and Thrive, underscoring their relevance to the current series. The class aims to delve deeper into the relationship between spiritual wellness and physical health, with a particular focus on the impact of hormones and lifestyle choices on overall well-being.


Spiritual and Wellness Connection

  • Travis stresses the importance of a Christ-centered approach to wellness.
  • The necessity of living out the Ten Commandments and surrendering to Jesus for true transformation.
  • The discussion on how spiritual aspects intertwine with physical health and wellness.

Role of Dopamine in Nutrition and Wellness

  • Explanation of dopamine as the "Feelgood hormone" and its impact on behaviors.
  • The human drive for pleasure and how it affects habits and lifestyle choices.
  • The significance of discipline in achieving lasting pleasure and freedom.
  • How dopamine resistance leads to diminished pleasure from food and activities.

Hormones and Aging

  • Impact of tainted food supply and hormones in accelerating aging and onset of diseases.
  • Encouragement towards organic, hormone-free diets to reduce cancer risks.
  • Discussion of the unethical use of hormones in meat production and its health implications.

Practical Wellness Strategies

  • Emphasis on the Bulletproof Shield program for structured wellness.
  • Importance of journaling and a weekly timing chart for maintaining health.
  • Advice on choosing organic, wild-caught, and pasture-raised foods.
  • Avoidance of grain-fed meats and hydrogenated fats for better health.

As the class concludes, Travis invites participants to share their experiences with the Faithfully Fit program and encourages them to continue applying the teachings in their daily lives. He opens the floor for questions, fostering a personal and interactive environment where members can seek guidance on various health and wellness topics.

He emphasizes the importance of faith in God in achieving health and wellness, reminding members that spiritual health is intrinsically linked to physical well-being. The prayer serves as a poignant reminder of the central role of faith in the journey towards a healthier lifestyle.


Travis Martin

Faithfully Fit Instructor

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