Faithfully Fit ~ Taming Bodily Inflammation Part 1



"Faithfully Fit ~ Taming Bodily Inflammation Part 1"  focuses on understanding and managing bodily inflammation through diet and lifestyle changes. Here are the key points from the Class video:

Influence of Diet on Inflammation:

Travis Martin highlights how certain foods and dietary habits can either exacerbate or reduce inflammation in the body.

Caloric Understanding:

He emphasizes the importance of understanding calories, differentiating between various types of calories, and their impact on the body.

Macronutrient Breakdown:

The Class video delves into the breakdown of macronutrients – proteins, carbohydrates, and fats – and their roles in bodily functions and inflammation.

Insulin's Role:

The importance of controlling insulin levels is discussed, linking it to efficient fat burning, weight management, and inflammation control.

Categorization of Foods:

Travis explains the need to categorize foods to better understand their nutritional value and impact on inflammation.

Importance of Water:

The role of water in the body, especially in aiding metabolism and removing toxins, is highlighted.

Faith and Discipline:

The Class video integrates Christian faith into the approach towards managing health, emphasizing discipline and moral responsibility in dietary choices.

Understanding Fats:

Different types of fats, such as MCT oil and trans fats, are discussed in terms of how they affect inflammation and overall health.

Mind, Body, and Soul Approach:

Travis advocates for a comprehensive approach that addresses not just the physical aspects of health but also mental and spiritual well-being.

Practical Dietary Advice:

The Class video provides practical advice on food combinations and portion control to manage inflammation.

The Class video serves as an educational resource for individuals looking to understand the role of diet in managing inflammation and improving overall health, integrating a faith-based perspective into its approach.


Travis Martin

Faithfully Fit Instructor


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