[Deliverance Daily] Shed Pounds with Yogurt


In this video titled "Shed Pounds with Yogurt" from the Deliverance Daily channel. The transcript includes a conversation about the year 2024, weight loss progress, Greek plain yogurt recipes, and the structure of the wellness program offered by Faithfully Fit. The program consists of different levels, including FastTrack, Journey, Tiger's Eye, and Faithfully Fit, each offering a deeper dive into weight loss and wellness education. The importance of overcoming negative thoughts and beliefs, as well as the need for accountability and support, is emphasized.


  • 😊 The program includes different levels - FastTrack, Journey, Tiger's Eye, and Faithfully Fit - to provide a comprehensive wellness journey.
  • 🎯 Overcoming negative thoughts and beliefs is crucial for successful weight loss and wellness.
  • 🤝 Accountability and support from others, such as finding an accountability partner or joining a chat group, can greatly benefit the journey.
  • 💪 The program emphasizes the importance of dedication, education, and continuous learning in achieving long-term weight loss and wellness goals.


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