[11.02] HUDDLE UP 2nd Day Clean Sweep Challenge - Class Notes


In this challenge, participants embraced the power of clean eating to reduce inflammation and embark on a path to optimal health. Today, we recap the key highlights and insights from this transformative experience.


Part One: Exploring Inflammation and Clean Eating

Our challenge began with a deep dive into the world of inflammation and its profound impact on our bodies. Travis shared that this journey would unfold in two parts. Part one set the stage for our exploration, focusing on fundamental insights.

  •  The Weight of Self-Discipline: We learned that our journey toward wellness and faith starts with self-discipline. The pain of daily discipline may feel light, but the pain of regret weighs heavy. Regret often arises from past choices, including years of unhealthy eating habits.
  • Biblical Insights on Inflammation: Drawing inspiration from Deuteronomy 28:22 in the American Standard Version, we delved into the concept of bodily inflammation and its consequences. This passage served as our guiding light.
  • Understanding Acute and Chronic Inflammation: We gained clarity on the distinction between acute and chronic inflammation. Acute inflammation is a temporary bodily response, while chronic inflammation is a persistent issue caused by poor dietary choices and lifestyle.


Part Two: Strategies for Combatting Inflammation

While part one laid the foundation, part two will guide us through practical strategies to combat inflammation successfully. Travis encouraged everyone to invite others on this transformative journey.

Nourishing the Mind and Body

Throughout the challenge, the importance of cultivating gratitude and maintaining a positive mindset was emphasized. This mindset ensures that participants remain motivated and inspired throughout their journey towards optimal health.

Delicious Choices in Clean Eating

Travis shared exciting news—participants could relish steak and delightful grass-fed beef within the challenge, adding variety and enjoyment to their clean eating experience.

The Power of Journaling

Effective tracking of progress and accountability were crucial aspects discussed in the challenge. Participants were encouraged to keep food journals to tangibly observe their growth and achievements during the 7-day journey.

A Message of Persistence

In closing, Travis fervently urged participants to remain steadfast in their commitment to the challenge. With unwavering faith in their ability to triumph, each participant was encouraged to persistently strive for success and reap the rewards of personal growth and wellness.


Stay tuned for Part Two of "Healing Through Faith," where we will delve deeper into strategies for addressing and alleviating chronic inflammation. We invite you to continue this journey with us and extend a warm invitation to others.

Thank you for being part of the Faithfully Fit community. Your dedication to wellness and faith inspires us all.


Travis Martin

Faithfully Fit Head Instructor

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