Movement and Being Present 2


Class Notes: Clean Sweep Movement and Being Present 2

Speaker: Travis Martin


  • Travis's Journey: Lost over 100 pounds and has been part of the program for 20 years.
  • Acknowledgment: Credits God for transformations seen in personal life and members' lives.

Food as Information

  • Food and Mind: Discussed how food acts as information that can activate positive and negative responses in the body.

Membership and Class Structure

  • Faithfully Fit Club: Offers class notes and meal ideas.
  • Open Invitation: First class free, based on the honor system, and deep dive courses for paying members.

Personalization and Weight Loss

  • Clean Sweep Program: Focuses on detoxification, clean eating, and weight loss as a byproduct.
  • Member Achievements: Highlighting individual weight loss stories.

Spiritual and Physical Health

  • Inheritance and Sanctity: Emphasizes the incorruptible nature of inner purity regardless of external factors.
  • Personalization: Offers to tailor the program to individuals' journeys.

Connection and Love

  • Human Connection: Explores the intrinsic human need for connection and how it relates to weight loss goals.
  • Greatest Commandments: Discusses the importance of loving God and others as foundational to the program.

Nutrition and Lifestyle

  • General Nutrition: Transition from Clean Sweep to a broader nutritional discussion.
  • Foundation: Stresses the importance of a good foundation in Jesus and nutrition knowledge.

Weight Loss Philosophy

  • Education and Restriction: Believes in continuing education to prevent complacency in weight loss.
  • Importance of Variety: Initially believed in increasing dietary variety but now advocates for simplicity and sacrifice as a form of worship.

Dietary Choices

  • Lean Proteins: Hardly convert to body fat.
  • Complex Carbohydrates: Can turn to fat if overeaten.
  • Protein and Fat: Excess fat can be stored easily.
  • Superfoods: Must be eaten in moderation due to high-calorie content.
  • Meal Replacements: Useful, especially at the beginning of the weight loss journey.

Eating Episodes

  • Optimal Eating: Discusses the impact of the number of eating episodes on weight loss results.
  • Snacking: Advises on the proper use of meal replacements and snacks.


  • Prayer: Ends with a prayer for participants and a call for any prayer requests.
  • Future Classes: Announces upcoming classes and new courses for members.
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