[11.01] HUDDLE UP 7- Day Clean Sweep Challenge - Class Notes


Presenter: Travis Martin

  • Travis introduces the Faithfully Fit Club, a Christ-centered weight loss and wellness program.
  • Emphasizes the program's dedication to the Lord, highlighting sanctification, consecration, and grace.
  • Stressing the importance of viewing weight loss and wellness through the lens of Christ for strength.
  • Focus on creating a supportive community for members to share their journeys and support each other.

Living a Godly Lifestyle

  • Living a godly lifestyle with discipline is more important than bodily exercise.
  • The need to exhibit discipline in emotions, thoughts, and actions.
  • Placing the flesh under the authority of Christ's mind.
  • Spending time with the word of God is crucial.
  • The first component of living a godly lifestyle is water (both natural and spiritual).

Spiritual Mindset and Hydration

  • Staying spiritually minded is key to weight loss and wellness.
  • Pure water is essential for cleansing the body and efficient fat metabolism.
  • Spending time in God's word helps achieve a spiritually minded state.
  • The difference between tap water (acidic) and alkaline water for hydration.
  • Drinking water before eating for satiety and consuming less food.

Proper Hydration

  • Proper hydration is essential for optimal health.
  • The amount of water needed depends on lean body weight and individual factors.
  • Recommendations of half a gallon to a gallon of water per day for optimal hydration.
  • Considering essential fat and reserve fat in calculating lean weight.
  • Special considerations for individuals with heart disease, pacemakers, or heart failure.
  • Advising against guzzling ice-cold water during high-intensity workouts or intermittent fasting.
  • The benefits of consuming lukewarm beverages with high-fat meals.

Questions and Recommendations

  • Addressing questions about water, lemon water, and approved clean beverages.
  • Recommendations for supplements and vitamins during the clean sweep challenge.
  • Using lemon or lime in water and the benefits of organic lemons.
  • Suggesting Carb Ease for meals with carbs and Fibotrim for high-fat meals.
  • Approved clean beverages for mixing fiber.
  • Recommending Peak performance supplements, with alternatives like MetaBot Nutrition System or GoMe's gummies.

Challenge and Meal Options

  • Encouraging participants to walk for 10 days while meditating on the word of God.
  • Highlighting the brain health benefits of walking as the best way to burn fat.
  • Presenting breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for the challenge.
  • Advising participants to eat three meals a day rather than grazing.

Questions and Club Membership

  • Addressing various questions and concerns about the challenge and club membership.
  • Playfully stating that eating cake is for the devil.
  • Mentioning the possibility of sending out a video in class notes format to the challengers.
  • Clarifying whether lemon juice has the same health benefits as real lemon slices in water.
  • Explaining that having a premier protein shake for breakfast won't hurt weight loss results but isn't considered clean.
  • Differentiating between the club membership and the challenge.
  • Highlighting the benefits of club membership and its limited capacity of 500 people.
  • Mentioning the possibility of joining the club when others leave.
  • Clarifying the separation from Shibboleth and encouraging contact for lifetime membership-related inquiries.

Where to Buy MCT Oil and Shibboleth Promotion

  • Discussing where to buy MCT oil and promoting Shibboleth as a great program.
  • Recommending buying MCT oil from Shibboleth or Amazon (NOW brand).
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