Saturday Impromptu Class ~ February 10, 2024


In this class video, we join Travis on February 10, 2024, as he takes a moment to celebrate the achievements of all participants in the recent Shibboleth challenges. With heartfelt enthusiasm, he congratulates members from both the Shibboleth Simplified and the Wellness Revival programs, acknowledging their hard work and dedication. Travis then transitions to unveil the exciting new challenges set for the week ahead, promising more opportunities for growth and transformation. Throughout the video, Travis underscores the importance of faith and the role it plays in our journey towards better health.

He encourages everyone to honor their bodies as temples given by God, highlighting the significance of nourishing oneself with good food. This video is not just a celebration of past accomplishments but a motivational call to action, reminding us of the spiritual and physical harmony attainable through the Shibboleth lifestyle.

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